Chase Professional Medical Coding

  • $19 Per-Hour Pricing with Industry Standard “Charts-Per-Hour” Production Levels
  • Certified-Experienced Coders and Auditors
  • No Long-Term Contracts

Computer Assisted Coding

Chase Clinical Documentation®’s Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) delivers the industry’s most powerful and proven computer-assisted coding solution for both inpatient and outpatient charts. Designed to complement your existing coding processes and systems, our CAC delivers a range of solutions that have an immediate impact on your revenue. Computer-Assisted Coding is defined as software that suggests codes to human coders for validation. The process increases productivity while sponsoring better revenue capture through more thorough coding. Chase’s CAC decreases variability and identifies problem documentation for a quick return on investment.

Increase Productivity with CAC

Chase’s computer assisted coding is powered by the most experienced NLP coding engine in the industry. We utilize natural language processing (NLP) technology, which presents NLP coded charts to human coders to validate the results before processing the codes to billing. Our CAC increases productivity by automating manual tasks to have a direct impact in meeting your current and future coding challenges.

Innovative CAC Features

With our CAC system, you control when and whom receives accounts for coding. It provides managers and staff with a concurrent DRG, estimated reimbursement and helps to identify problem documentation while the patient is still in-house. Chase’s CAC system can also provide automated coding of simpler outpatient reports to free-up time in coding for more complex charts. Our CAC is an audit tool that can replay the ‘how and why’ a patient chart was coded for both internal coding audits and Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) response development.

CAC with Integrated Encoder

Chase’s original CAC application is designed to interface with a hospital’s existing encoder to minimize the element of change in coding. We now also offer CAC with a built in integrated encoder. You can replace your existing encoder, reduce costs, and work more efficiently. The combination of these two technologies is the new generation of coding. Now, as coders validate the results of the CAC solution, they have real-time exposure to edits and reference material to better determine the best code selection. For more information, please contact us.